Clinical Aromatherapy

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Clinical Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy that uses essential oils from plants to create balance and harmony on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Experience the healing effects of aromatherapy for calming, energizing, balancing or de-stressing.  Learn how to make essential oils an every day part of your personal and family wellness plan.  Support and enhance your wellbeing and delight your senses!

Essential oils are commonly used for:
     -immune support
     -pain management
     -stress relief
     -sleep enhancement
     -respiratory health
     -mood enhancement
     -emotional balance
     -skin care
     -preventative health care

Moonstone Wellness offers a variety of clinical aromatherapy services:
     -choice of complimentary aromatherapy blends for           your massage sessions
     -personal consultations and custom blending
     -small group workshops
     -workplace wellness programs
     -educational outreach for the Columbus, GA community

What is a personal aromatherapy consultation?
     A consultation evaluates a client's health history and current health goals for the purpose of incorporating the use of essential oils in their personal wellness plan.  Each client participates in designing a personal program and in the custom blending of their products
     Consultations are available for individuals, families, small groups or for employees in the workplace.

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