Classes and Workshops

Small group and private classes are offered in the Moonstone Wellness studio or at your location. 

Most classes require a 3-4 person minimum and advance registration.

Book a private class for your group of friends and family or ask to be put on a list to be notified when additional dates are added!

To register for a class at Moonstone Wellness: please call Debbie at:  706-566-8792 

Moonstone Wellness - Open Studio

Everyone is welcome during Open Studio - a time to stop in and visit, shop, ask questions and browse thru resource books.

January 22nd  Sunday  2pm-5pm 

Reiki: Usui  Holy Fire II - Level One and Two 

January 28 - 29th, 2017   Saturday -Sunday 930am-430pm

Reiiki is a modality of energy healing that reduces stress while providing deep relaxation and greater wellbeing.
Reiki Class Level I and II are taught together as a two-day intensive using the William Lee Rand – International Center for Reiki Training curriculum.  Class is a combination of lecture, discussion, demonstration and hands-on!
Attunements are given specific to that level each day. 

Class Fee:  $360 (includes the class manual “Reiki – The Healing Touch” by William Lee Rand)
iIf you are interested in learning more about your personal potential in working with Reiki energy work please call Debbie to schedule a complimentary consultation and visit to the Moonstone Wellness studio. 

Reiki:  Usui / Holy Fire II Advanced Reiki Training and Master Class 

February 25 - 27th, 2017   Saturday - Monday  930am - 430pm

The ART / Master training combines the Advanced Reiki Training and the complete Usui / Holy Fire Reiki Master training in a three day class.  Particpants must have take Reiki Level One and Two and practiced Reiki Two for at least 6 months.  Participants of all Reiki lineages and instruction are welcome.  The Usui / Holy Fire Master training is a very healing experience.  To learn more about the class curriculum and to preview the class outline and manual - please contact Debbie at 706-566-8792  to schedule a complimentary consultation. 

Class Fee :$875 (includes the class manual "Usui / Holy Fire Reiki Master Manual" by William Lee Rand)


Reiki:  Usui Holy Fire II - Karuna Master Class

March  18 - 20th, 2017  Saturday - Monday 930am - 430pm

Karuna Reiki is a 3-day intensive that supports one's journey of transformation and deep healing - a journey of compassionate action and wisdom that connects us to our higher self and to the world around us.  Prerequisite for class is the Reiki Master class a minimum of 6 months prior - Reiki Masters from all lineages and instruction are welcome.  To learn more about Karuna Reiki and how this work heals on a very deep and personal level - please contact Debbie at 706-566-8792 to schedule  a complimentary consultation and apreview of the class curriculum.

Class Fee:  $875 (includes the class manual "Usui Holy FIre II Karuna Master Manual" by William Lee Rand)


Crystal Grids - Two Hour Introduction 


Learn how to choose and arrange crystals and stones in specific geometric patterns to create an energy field.  Learn to set up, charge and maintain a grid. Discover the potential of crystal grid energy as used in a wide range of purposes:   meditation, protection and clearing of an environment, improved health, improved sleep, manifesting one's goals, abundance, friendship etc. The intention of the grid is limited only by your imagination.

In class we will work with simple Sacred Geometry Grid Patterns - patterns and stones will be provided but feel free to bring any of your favorite crystals and stones to incorporate in to your grid (especially if you have multiples of 3, 6, 9 etc).

Class Fee is $15 and class fee will be applied to any crystal or stone retail purchases that you may wish to make.

This two-hour introduction class is a foundation for more specific crystal grid classes to be offered at Moonstone Wellness 

Advanced Crystal Grids for Intention and Meditation 
A more in-depth look at the selection and placement of crystals to create a grid with a specific focus and intention.  Learn more about the healing qualities of the crystals, enjoy a short meditation, write a personal crystal affirmation to work with and enjoy an essential oil blend that resonates with the intention of your grid!  Class fee will vary with each grid and is applied to any retail crystal purchase. You are encouraged to bring any of your own crystals that may work well with the grid (grounding stones, quartz points, selenite etc.).

Herkimer Diamond and Moldavite
Class Fee is $35/$45 and includes a herkimer diamond and moldavite to take home.

Class Fee is $15 - $20 and includes a danburite crystal 

Hedenbergite Quartz
Class Fee is $20 and incldues a hedenbergite quartz crystal point 

Crystal Body Grids 

This class is a quiet and meditative experience and an opportunity to experience several different types of crystal body grids.  Learn to to create your own experience at home and how to select the crystals/stones that are best for you. These body grid layouts are best suited for laying on a floor or bed (bring yoga mat or padding for class) but can be adapted to the comfort of a massage table.  At the time of registration please let Debbie know if a massage table is needed.

During class, you will have time to experience 4 of the over 15 different body grids.  This is an ongoing class so that participants are able to work their way thru the crystal grid options.  New grids include:  charoite, kunzite, danburite and herkimer diamonds.  Each participant receives class handouts that help them record their experience and personal notes as well as descriptions and meanings of each grid.

Crystals and stones are provided and will also be available for purchase at the end of class.

Class Fee:  $10


Smokey Quartz and Black Tourmaline Necklace

Create your own gemstone beaded necklace - sterling silver clasp, beading wire, and Smokey Quartz pendant are all supplied - all you have to do is choose and string the beads - we will help you attach the clasp!

Pendant:  $16  Supplies and Beads: approx $25-$40 depending on your choice of beads (the length of the necklace determines the number of beads needed, which determines the cost of the overall necklace)



Chakra Meditation Wand 

Make and take your very own Chakra Meditation Wand - a quick introduction to each chakra as you learn about and choose from a selection of gemstones - after your seven stones are selected you are able to glue them to your selenite wand. Each meditation wand is personalized to suit your intentions!

Class Fee:  $15 for your selenite wand    Chakra Stones:  price varies but very affordable as they are a small size 






Water Fountain Workshop 

Learn to make a table-top water fountain suitable for home or office.
Use the container or bowl and filler (stones, seashells etc) of your choice or
choose from a selection of bowls available at Moonstone Wellness.
A selection of healing stones are available for purchase (subject to availability).
Upon registration, an information sheet with hints on choosing
a container and filler will be sent to each participant. 

Class Fee:  $10     Pump: $15  

Amazonite:  a stone of harmony (both with yourself and among others)
- a stone of Hope - encourages one to speak their truth
- improves positive communication.  Grade A   $8 / lb.

Carnelian:  a stone of courage, confidence and action
- improves creative energy and assertive will
- builds confidence, courage, passion and power within oneself
- helps one to overcome procrastination.  Grade A   $9 / lb.

Fluorite:  improves mental clarity and decision making
- clears the atmosphere of confusion, cluttered thoughts and negativity
- encourages left and right brain to work together bringing balance and focus to our thoughts
-  helps make order out of chaos.  Grade A   $7 / lb.

Polychrome Jasper or Red Jasper
- jasper is a stone of physical strength and vitality
- improves stamina and endurance - improves one's life force energy or "chi"
- strengthens one's connection to the earth

Ocean Jasper
- encourages enjoyment of life, relaxation, positive self expression
- physical and emotional healing, supports the endocrine system  Grade !  $7 / lb.

Rose Quartz
- emotionally healing, reduces stress 
- encourages energies of the heart such and love and gentleness 
- helps one get over old emotional patterns  Grade A  $11 / lb.

Aromatherapy: Safe and Effective Use of Essential Oils 

An introductory class to learn how to integrate essential oils
in to your personal and family wellness plan. 
Learn how essential oils can create balance and harmony
on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. 
Learn about essential oils that address many of today’s common concerns:
stress reduction, insomnia, depression, respiratory challenges, allergies etc.  
Enjoy comprehensive class handouts and the opportunity to smell a selection of essential oils as well as mixing and blending a variety of sample aromatherapy products for you to take home! 
Class time is 3.5 hours with extra time at the end if you wish to
stay and browse thru the class resources.

Class Fee:  $59 (includes handouts and aromatherapy samples) 

Aromatherapy Make and Take  

This class is best scheduled with a group of Friends!  
Let me know when you are ready to Mix and Blend!

Learn to make aromatherapy products that everyone can enjoy – join this two hour, hands-on, make and take experience.  I will guide you thru the mixing and blending, appropriate dilution rates and choice of oil blends.  I provide the containers (although you use your own containers for bath salts!),  organic base products and essential oils. Participants pay only for the ingredients and supplies they use.  This class is terrific for a Girl's Night Out event - just call to book a private class!  Choose any or all of the aroma products:  bath salts, bath oils, aroma spritzers, massage and body oil, bath and shower gel and aroma roller balls!

Class Fee of $15 is applied to the purchase of your supplies. 

Foot Reflexology 

Using the reflexology basics and techniques of Claire Miller’s 4-Theory Integrative Reflexology, you will learn to give a simple and effective foot reflexology session that is easy to share with family and friends.  Learn ”how and why” you are able to bring the whole body into balance and achieve a deep state of relaxation using the reflex points on the feet.
Class time of six hours allows each participant two opportunities to “give” and “receive” a complete reflexology session!

Class Fee:  $69    Instruction Manual: $20 (one per person or per couple)


Rose Meditation for a Blossoming Heart 

This presentation is available for your special event or women's group and can be formatted to fit in any time frame from 1 -2 hours in length.

Join us for a guided meditation written by Dr. Robbi Zeck, naturopath and developer of Aromatic Kinesiology and shared in her book "The Blossoming Heart".  Enjoy the essential oil of Rose and the beautiful energy of rose quartz and selenite crystals.  We conclude the session with Robbi Zeck's "Love, Grace and Gratitude" moving meditaiton.  

This event is an opportunity to use creative visualization to create an opening or shift in your life.  It is designed to support you when you are experiencing stress, challenges and changes in your life.  The Rose Visualization is a great tool for times of transition.  We hope you can join us. 

Crystal Healing Workshop   

**Advance registration required as Manual and Stone Kits are ordered from Arizona**

Class Fee:  $325 includes the 30 page comprehensive training manula and stone kit ( all 55 stones that are needed for class are yours to keep! )

Prerequisites:  Prior attunement to the Reiki Level II symbols is necessary as the frequencies and qualitites of the symbols are accessed in many of the practice sessions and meditations.

Combining Reiki and Crystal Healing Energy work can enhance and strengthen both modalities.  This class is designed for those that would like to expand their knowledge of crystals in an informative, educational and exploratory class.  (Let's have fun!)

We will be working with Laurelle Shanti Gaia's "Introduction to Crystal Healing" and with crystal stone kits that she has prepared at her Infinite Light Healing Center in Sedona, Arizona.

In this Crystal Healing course you will learn:

-  How to balance and activate the chakras (10 chakra system)
-  How to clear the aura and strengthen the etheric field
-  How crystal energy can cleanse the mental and emotional field
-  How to use crystal energy and Reiki to develop healthy mental and emotional processes
-  How to work with crystals to send healing energy to the earth
-  Methods to setp out of ego and into higher consciousness
-  How to cleanse, program and nurture your crystals
-  3 powerful crystal grid layouts
-  An introduction to crystal grids for distant healing

To find out more about this class or to experience the crystal grid layouts personally - just call Debbie at 706-566-8792 

Chakra Workshop: 2017 

A two-part workshop to learn about each of the seven major chakras.
These are the energy centers that make up your physical, spiritual and 
emotional body.  This workshop gives you the tools to understand, activate and encourage balance of the seven main chakras that influence everything
from your prosperity and self confidence to your communication and intuition.
Learn about each chakra’s corresponding essential oils, crystals and affirmations and how to use them on your personal life journey. 
First class is an introduction to our chakra system and a study of the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. Second class is a study of the Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown Chakras. 
Comprehensive class handouts are provided and participants have the option of creating their own personal “selenite crystal wand” for
meditation (additional cost varies depending on crystals chosen).  

Class Fee:  $99